Wednesday, July 5, 2017

 July 4 
After breakfast we completed sightseeing in Dresden and set out for L.  On the way we stopped at the ancient town of Meissen (founded in 968 AD) which is famous for their porcelain production.  We visited the factory where we had a demonstration of the steps they go thru to produce a piece of porcelain by hand.  

Our next stop was lunch.  

 Nest we went to  Leipzig where we visited St Nicholas church.  

 We had time this afternoon to tour some of the highlights of this so called “Little Paris.”  This city is known for its books as well as its music.  J.S. Bach 

lived and worked here and was organist at the Thomas Church.    

There wasn't a concert in the church but we had the opportunity to hear some very good street performances while we had our coffee.

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