Saturday, July 8, 2017

 July 7

This morning we headed out to Eisenach and to visit the  famous Wartburg Castle originally built in the 12th century.  We also saw the Luther room where he spent two years (1521-1522) in preventive arrest and translated the New Testament into the German language.  The development of High German is largely based on this translation. 

We had lunch on our own and some of us went in search for brats and bear.  Next we had the option of seeing the Luther or the Bach houses as well as the memorial places of both on a walking tour through the center of Eisenach.    Martin Luther attended Latin school in Eisenach from 1498 to 1501.  During this time he lived in the house of the patrician widow Ursula Cotta.  Eisenach is also the birthplace of Johnann Sebastian Bach in 1685. 

Our next excursion today was to Buchenwald located northeast of Erfurt.  The Nazi Regime constructed the infamous concentration camp there at Ettersberg hill in 1937. We remembered the dark years between 1933 and1945. 

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