Saturday, July 8, 2017

July 8 
After breakfast we started on our walking tour of Erfurt with a tour of the Monastery .  

 We saw the most important sights; Mariendom Cathedral, Severi Church

and the well preserved historic downtown with the Kraemer Bridge.

Lunch was at the brat stand

to be followed up with an "Israeli dessert"  Memories of Ken

In the afternoon we headed out to Armstadt, a quaint little town where Back spent some of his young adult years.

We visited the Church of Our Lady and had to wonderful opportunity to hear the organ being played.  Daniel was able to sit down and at least play some scales on the organ.

We  then went to the Bach Church and listened to some recorded Bach being played.

Some took the opportunity to have some free time and others went to see a miniature museum of a collection of wax dolls depicting royal live in the 1700s.

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